Good Eats At 3rd & King

As broadcaster Duane Kuiper likes to say, "We've got baseball here on the corner of 3rd & King." But that's not all. AT&T Park is home to the San Francisco Giants AND some of the best concession stands in all of Major League Baseball. With the team in the middle of their postseason run, us fans have a few more days to relish in all that the gorgeous ballpark has to offer. And, whether you're a Giants fan or a visiting Cardinals fan, the food is definitely something we can all enjoy. Feel like indulging at the game tonight? (Which, you totally should.) Here's a list of my favorites!

After going to so many games with good ol' dad, I've found that my favorite pregame routine is to arrive early, stroll down the portwalk overlooking McCovey Cove, and make my way in through the Marina Gate. There's nothing quite like walking past all of the sailboats and kayaks. This path is also the quickest way to one of the best ballpark meals you will ever have: The Crazy Crab Sandwich. Delicious crab on grilled sourdough bread! It's pricey. There's always a long line. But we don't even care. We'll stand in line, ready to throw our money at the register. This sandwich, at this ballpark, is San Francisco in one blissful experience.

Also in the scoreboard plaza? Orlando's Caribbean BBQ! Orlando Cepeda's eatery serves sandwiches, like the Baby Bull and the Cubano, but everyone comes here for the Cha Cha Bowl. It's generously filled with rice, beans, and bbq jerk chicken. Shredded zucchini & pineapple salsa is piled high on top. Then, you can finish it off with as much of their special bbq sauce as you'd like. Not my best picture of it, but trust me... it's sweet, spicy, and so yummy!

Another bbq item, with ties to a former Giant great, is the McCovey Pulled Pork Sandwich. This sandwich has so much smoky, tender pork smothered in tangy BBQ sauce that you can barely see the bun it's on. From time to time, friends and I will enjoy our food before the game even starts, just talking and people watching by the window seats. (Because...if I tried to eat this in the stands, I would look ugly-ridiculous. *cue unfortunate timing for the cameraman to do a crowd shot*)

If meaty sandwiches are your thing, I also suggest the Triple Play Sliders from King St. Carvery. My dad actually orders these at every game we watch. It's a sampler of roast beef, corned beef, and roasted turkey. You can get spicy horseradish, classic cranberry sauce, bbq sauce, and even dijon-mayonnaise on the side. 

On the Club Level, one of my favorite stands is the Build-A-Baked-Potato Bar. That's right. Build. Your. Own. Giant. Baked. Potato. They have everything you could possibly want as a topping...cheese (sauce and shredded), chili, bacon, sour cream, chives, butter, bacon, mushrooms, broccoli, jalapenos, BACON... There are so many combination's almost ridiculous. Almost.

Last but absolutely not least, in the savory department...the famous Gilroy Garlic Fries. (You didn't actually think that I could make a list without mentioning these, did you?) It's been said over and over and over again, but that's just how good these are. A signature side at AT&T Park, Gilroy Garlic Fries are made with freshly chopped parsley and raw minced garlic. You smell them as soon as you walk in, and you leave with that scent all over you. Glorious.

On the sweeter side of gameday grub, Ghirardelli sundaes are a must-have. Especially when I'm watching a day game, I make sure to have one of these cool treats to scoop into. Nothing crazy or strange here, just classic vanilla ice cream, rich hot fudge, whipped cream, and toasted almonds. If I'm watching the game on tv, and I see a fan with a sundae, broadcaster Mike Krukow's signature phrase always pops into my head..."I wanna get that, I wanna get that, I wanna get that!"

For the cold, windy nights, there's AT&T's caramel popcorn. Each serving is made to-order. Warm, gooey caramel is poured over salty, buttery popcorn, then everything gets hand-tossed together. It's get-up-in-there-and-bury-your-face good.

Sometimes, I can't help but buy a churro, too. There are only two places where I will gladly overpay for a churro: Disneyland and the ballpark. Fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar? As soon as the vendor walks by shouting, "Churros, here! Get your HOT churros, here!" I think, "Take all my money."

Now, you're probably wondering about drinks. What's something good to wash all of this great food down? Typically, at the ballpark, an ice cold beer goes well with just about everything. But if you want something a little extra...a few stands offer drink specials, like sangria! Or you could go straight to the wine bar! (Yes. A wine bar. Wine country is a short drive away. Is it really that surprising?)

My go-to cocktail is also the Ballpark Punch, which has rum, lemon-lime soda, orange juice, and grenadine. Plus, if you order it from your seat in Field Club, they bring your punch out to you in a shaker! (I am a sucker for souvenir cups, guys.)

Tonight, Ryan Vogelsong takes the mound, and fans are hoping for the Giants' first 2012 postseason win at home. Here's to a victory and good eats!

Have a favorite food that I missed? Mention it in a comment! I'd love to hear from fellow baseball fans :)