Z is for Zombie Jello Shots

Before I ever created Mangoes & Palm Trees, I got a taste of the food blog world by doing a few guest posts on E is for Eat. The alphabet-themed blog, written by sports reporter and foodie Jaymee Sire, served as inspiration for M&PT, and this week marked E is for Eat's 1st birthday! :) Once again, I had the privilege of writing a guest post. And this time? Jello shots. 

I’m excited to say October is upon us, and Halloween parties are just around the corner! I came up with Zombie Jello Shots for this very reason. But, oddly enough, my recent trip to Disney’s California Adventure served as the inspiration for these boozy bites. The “Zombie” is a popular cocktail at DCA’s Cove Bar, where this tiki-bar classic gets a fun twist. Its name and murky green color fit perfectly into the Halloween season, and turning the drink into jello just adds to the festivities. Head on over to E is for Eat to see how to make them!