Mango Monday: The Detox

Sometimes, after a long holiday weekend, you wake up on Monday morning and wonder what you should have for breakfast. You wonder if you should go all-out eggs, bacon, and toast...Because you have to start the day/week off right, right? And how could bacon and a fried egg ever be wrong?...Or, maybe, you should go the lighter route with some fresh fruit and oatmeal.

That was me. This morning. The struggle is real.

There were plenty of red meat, beer, and fries last weekend, after sitting through the US Open rounds, NBA Finals, and plenty of baseball games. Something light would be a nice and much-welcomed change. (But yay for great food and father-daughter bonding!) I've heard of all-natural, pressed juices and the crazy hype of juice cleanses, but I've never been the type to go on any kind of diet. I do love juice, though, so the bandwagon finally caught me and I bought myself an inexpensive, easy-to-use juicer. (I started to read a guide on the difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers and almost gave up on buying one...My philosophy? I can always upgrade later.)

I'm also starting "Mango Mondays"! Summer is in full swing, and every week I'll have a new recipe that uses mango! So, for the inaugural post and for your detoxing pleasure, I give you: Mango-Carrot Juice :)

When I went to the market with my sister, we loaded up on fresh fruits. (Aka Heaven.) There were so many $1/lb and 3 Baskets for $5 deals that we couldn't stop. Peaches, nectarines, apricots, strawberries, blackberries....When I got home, I actually had to use 3 different fruit bowls to store everything. My entire kitchen smelled of sweet, sweet Summer.

I started off my juice blend by cutting up some mango. It gives this liquid pick-me-up a great tropical flavor.

Manila Mangoes (or "scoopy mangoes", as I like to call them) have a very sweet and very smooth flesh.

Ripe, yellow nectarines pair really well with mangoes, and apricots accent that flavor. To keep the juice from being too sweet, these fruits' slight tartness balances everything out.

Into the feeder, all the chopped fruit goes...

Magic! Boom. (I say that a lot, I know...)

The juice from the mangoes and nectarines is a lot thicker, but it's still velvety smooth.

One of each fruit gave me a little over a cup of juice.

To thin it out slightly, I used carrots. I have to admit...I'm a bit hesitant still when it comes to putting vegetables in my juice. Carrots, however, are naturally sweet (hello, cupcakes!), and I love carrot juice drinks!

I also peeled my carrots before putting them through the juicer. I have no idea if I could've/should've left the skin on, but habit had me peeling before I even thought about it... (Hi, I'm new to the Juicing Party.)

Carrot juice has such a gorgeous, vibrant color! (And how could you ever be not happy drinking something so pretty??) If you're trying to work your way up the vegetable juice spectrum, carrots are a beginner's best friend.

This Mango-Carrot Juice is perfect for a refreshing breakfast or even as a snack! It does have a more smoothie-like consistency, so if you'd like a thinner version, add a couple of apples or pineapple spears to the juicer. You could even mix in some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice!

Happy Mango Monday, and happy juicing! I hope everybody has a fabulous week! :)

Mango-Carrot Juice (makes 1 serving)

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2 Mangoes, peeled & cubed
1 Yellow Nectarine, pitted & quartered
1 Apricot, pitted & quartered
2 Medium-Sized Carrots, peeled
  1. Run fruits and carrots through your juicer, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Chill and store juice in the refrigerator.