Relax: Pineapple-Cucumber Juice

It's official. I am now in love with my juicer.

In my house, we go through gallons of juice every week. We drink it more than soda, more than water, more than anything. Knowing this, and the fact that I practically live at farmers markets, my friends wondered why it even took me so long to invest in a juicer. They were surprised I wasn't pumping out my own custom flavors by now, daily. (Oh, but trust me, guys. I think I'm getting there...)

The only reason why I've been light-years behind this healthy trend is a very simple one...I'm a victim of my own laziness. It's just so much easier to buy juice. Throw some jugs of apple juice in the shopping cart, grab a couple of cartons of mango and orange...I'm good to go! It's only been recently that I've sampled raw juice blends, like the ones from Juice Shop in San Francisco or Pressed Juicery. Green stuff...the kale, the celery, the scares me. (Irrational analysis of the day: Juices are supposed to be sweet and fruity! What do you mean there's a salad in my juice??) But, today, I made the first steps in conquering that fear.

I made green stuff.

Golden pineapple and sweet orange gave me something familiar to anchor my taste buds to, but the cucumber and ginger were entirely new. These fresh, organic ingredients all came together to make a healthy, delicious, and satisfying juice!

First, I cut up half of a pineapple.

After doing a little reading, I learned that pineapple has an enzyme, called bromelain, that's a natural anti-inflammatory. This helps to reduce swelling in the body. In addition to the bromelain, potassium also helps to prevent cramping and soreness.

Next, I sliced up some cucumber and ginger.

Cucumbers are my green, "vegetable" element in this juice, but after being broken down, all you can taste is this refreshing and melon-like flavor. They contain mostly water, so it helps to keep your body hydrated. As for the ginger, it too helps to reduce inflammation, that stiff/sore aching in your muscles or joints. It's even commonly used to fight off nausea. Whenever I was sick as a child, my grandpa would make ginger broth (which was basically a tea) and would have me drink it constantly. It helped to settle down all of the "tummy" aches.

Finally, I put all three of those ingredients through my juicer.

......wait for it......

MAGIC! Boom.

I couldn't help but be completely enamored with the beautiful, bright green color. Although I was slightly skeptical about the flavor, I just kept reassuring myself (much like the carrot juice from yesterday), "How could you ever be not happy drinking something so pretty??"

The last addition was some freshly squeezed orange juice. Packed with vitamin C, the orange juice helps to boost the immune system. Not to mention, it gives the juice a bright, citrus-y tang that complements the pineapple and ginger so well!

This is a tasty juice blend that's perfectly summery, with a hint of tropical flare. Sweet, ripe pineapple is balanced by cool cucumbers, orange, and a zesty kick of ginger. Not only does this Green Stuff taste amazing, though, we can't forget that it's also good for us! Drink up to help you relax, on those days when you're feeling pretty banged up. Exhausted after spending your Summer afternoons outdoors?...Swimming, hiking, or even walking around theme parks?...Have some nice big glasses of Pineapple-Cucumber Juice!

I've only begun to learn about the different benefits of fresh juices, and experimenting with different fruit & vegetable combinations, but this was a another fun one to start with. I can't wait to learn and taste even more! :)

Pineapple-Cucumber Juice (makes about 16 oz)

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4-5 Pineapple Spears (1/2 of a Pineapple), rind removed
1 Cucumber
1-in segment Fresh Ginger, peeled
1 large Orange, halved
  1. Feed the pineapple, cucumber, and ginger into your juicer, and process according to manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Squeeze fresh orange juice into the pineapple-cucumber mixture, then stir to combine. Strain, if desired.
  3. Chill and store juice in the refrigerator.