Mango Monday: Beer-Steamed Mussels with Ginger, Mango, & Lime (Sustainable Seafood Blog Project!)

Today, it's a pretty special Mango Monday. I'm excited to announce a partnership with the Sustainable Seafood Blog Project! Jessie, the fabulous author of Life As A Strawberry and one of the founders of SSBP, asked me about becoming a Project Partner, and I didn't hesitate to accept the invitation! Described best in its mission statement:

"The Sustainable Seafood Blog Project
exists to unite food bloggers and
businesses in a conversation
about sustainability and to promote
sustainable choices among our
readers through our collective platform."

It's no secret that I have a love for the ocean and its bounty. (You'd only need to read my many posts about fish markets in the Philippines and Hawai'i to get the gist. Fresh seafood? Swoon.) I'm also constantly willing to learn and to share information with my readers, so this partnership with SSBP is truly an ideal one!

For my inaugural post as a Project Partner, I wanted to share a recipe that's fun, fresh, and easy to make! Mussels were perfect for a couple of reasons: their sweet flavor with that hint of briny ocean and how great they are for serving a crowd. (It is Monday Night Football tonight, after all, and we all know how I get on game day.) These mussels are steamed in Sapporo beer with spicy ginger, sweet mango, and fresh lime!

To start, let's talk about shopping! More and more grocery stores are implementing simple labeling systems at their seafood counter, to show which items are considered sustainable or not.

For example, I love shopping at my local Nugget Market because of their partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I often hear of people being turned off from shopping for sustainable ingredients because certain words throw them off or "it's all too confusing", but the Fish Wise program makes the process as easy as 1-2-3. Everything is color coded, and there are even convenient little information cards for customers to take as they please.

Now, we can start cooking! The big flavors in this dish include garlic, ginger, and lime. For a little sweetness, mango and juicy cherry tomatoes pair nicely with the mussels.

In a large skillet, saute the the ingredients, and season with salt and pepper. (This step makes your kitchen smell amaaazing.)

For the steaming liquid, just go ahead and pull a bottle from that pack you've got chilling in the refrigerator for the game! Mussels are typically steamed with white wine, but I actually love to use beer. Any pale lager or ale will work. If you're feeling more adventurous, use an IPA!

Measure out a cup of beer, and add the juice of 1 lime. (Since I used a large Mexican lime, I got about 1/4 cup of juice. Slice into 2 regular limes, if needed.) Then, simply pour this mixture into the skillet and bring everything to a simmer.

Steam the mussels for about 5 minutes, until all of the shells have opened.

As soon as they're done cooking, serve them up with extra lime and dig in! You can even garnish with cilantro or scallions.

Each mussel is tender and sweet, with a hint of that salty ocean flavor. In the broth, there's a spicy kick from the ginger, and the mango and tart lime brighten up the whole dish. Use pieces of thick, crusty bread to soak up every drop!

And the other great part? I know exactly where these mussels came from, and I don't have to worry about them disappearing from the seafood counter any time soon.  

Markets are a big thing here on M&PT. I absolutely enjoy the wide selection of ingredients that are available to me and enjoy bringing them home to cook up something interesting. Considering my culture, as well, the fishing industry and aquaculture is a huge part of Filipino cuisine and identity. I want future generations to share in that, and contributing to the conversation about sustainable seafood is a step in the right direction! 

This infographic is an example of some of the information and resources that you can find on the SSBP website, so feel free to look around! There are also a few more Project Partners that shared their own seafood recipes. Head on over to their sites and do even more exploring! :)

Project Partners:

Beer-Steamed Mussels with Ginger, Mango, & Lime (serve as an appetizer or an entree)

Print Recipe
2 tbsp Unsalted Butter
4 Garlic Cloves, peeled & minced
2-in segment Fresh Ginger, peeled & julienned
1/2 Small Sweet Onion, peeled & sliced
1/4 cup Chopped Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 cup Diced Fresh Mango
1/2 tsp Kosher Salt
1/4 tsp Ground Black Pepper
1 cup Sapporo Beer
Juice of 1 Lime
1 1/2 lbs Mussels, cleaned
  1. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, melt the butter. Add the garlic, ginger, and onions, then saute until the garlic and onions are aromatic and begin to brown. Add the tomatoes and mango, and season all of the vegetables with salt and pepper. Saute until the mango is tender, about 3-4 minutes.
  2. Next, pour in the beer and the lime juice. Bring the mixture to a simmer. Then, add the mussels, stir gently with a wooden spoon to combine, and cover the skillet with a tight-fitting lid. Steam the mussels for about 5 minutes, until all of the shells have opened.
  3. Divide the mussels and broth into bowls, and garnish with lime wedges or cilantro. Enjoy!