Jullie & Chelsea: The New Girl

Dear followers,

I've neglected you, haven't I?

6 months. It's been six, long, ridiculous months. (WHAT?! *insert shocked emoji*) I wish I could offer you a long, detailed explanation, but for less-is-more's sake, I'll keep this short and simple...

Basically, the past few months have been riddled with curveballs in this weird thing called life. Family matters that had to come first. A schedule that's been more chaotic than ever. So did food blogging get pushed to the backburner? Unfortunately, yes. But did I ever think about leaving it back there forever? Hell no. So let's fire this back up again, shall we? ;)

*drum roll please*

I'm so, sooo happy to announce that the blog is getting a new co-author! I'd like to welcome my new partner-in-crime, in-kitchen-experiments, and in-tasty-travels! Her name is Chelsea, she happens to be a very good friend of mine...we both worship Disneyland, getting together for anything--from drinks, to farmers markets, to shopping dates, and we're both pretty sure we were mermaids in our past lives (the ocean, we kinda-really-hella love it). 

There's going to be a few changes in the coming weeks (maybe a new name, perhaps a new look), and there will absolutely be some new content going up very soon! I'm so excited to get started on this new phase!!! In the meantime, I'd love for you all to get to know the new girl, so I'll go ahead and let her do her thing! *claps excitedly* Take it away, Chels! :)

Chelsea O'Moore
As the new kid on the block, I guess I should introduce myself. Anyone else out there get asked about themselves and immediately draw a total blank? You sit there and think uh…what about me? What’s interesting or relevant enough to talk about? That’s absolutely what happens to me. Every interview, first date and first meeting they ask me about myself and I immediately think, “Well, what about me? What do you want to know?” I never think anything is all that interesting to tell, but isn’t that kind of the point of sharing? So that other people  can get a feel for what you’re about? Since this is a first meeting of sorts, I suppose this is also one of those times. So here goes...

Hi guys! My name is Chelsea. I’m a recent college graduate whose real passion turned out to be not so much Public Relations (my official major, as it were) as it is writing. I’ve always loved a good story, which is probably why I have remained a Disney enthusiast into my twenties. A good story can develop  a life of its own and take readers on a journey and the magnitude of that has always fascinated me. As a result, pretty much since childhood I’ve wanted to be a writer, at least once I realized that being Ariel from The Little Mermaid wasn’t a viable career choice.

A few things to get out of the way: I’m a self-proclaimed beer enthusiast. Actually, it’s been proclaimed by other people as well. I would drink beer with pancakes if it wasn’t frowned upon socially. I live for trying new things. If it’s there, I’ll try it just because there’s no reason not to. If there is chorizo on the menu, I order it. No matter what. But personally, I think bacon should be it's own food group. There is nothing more delicious than bacon. Nothing.

I've known Jullie Anne since high school and have followed her blog since the beginning, so when she asked me to co-blog with her, I jumped at the chance. I have been cooking at home for at least 10 years, but over the last few, I’ve definitely been more into getting in the kitchen. I’ve always been an adventurous eater, willing to try anything once and over the last few years, I’ve gotten into experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new things. I may start with a recipe, but I’ll tinker away until it smells good.