Jullie & Chelsea: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Still wondering what to get your family and friends for Christmas this year? We came up with our own list of unique gift ideas!

Recently, I’ve undertaken the project of reading all of the books in the Song of Ice and Fire series and I have to say, some of the best parts of the books are all of the food that George R.R. Martin comes up with. And, as both a foodie and a Game of Thrones enthusiast, the fact that there is a cookbook that features recipes both from the book and inspired by the series makes me want to fangirl squee!

The book was written by the blogger behind Inn at the Crossroads, which also focuses on food based on the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and when I heard about it, I knew it had to be on the gift guide this year. It’s perfect for both the ladies and men on your list, whether they’re a Game of Thrones fan or not. After all, there are so many mouthwatering recipes on the blog that the book has to be amazing.

This is what I asked for for Christmas. If you’re someone who is always on the go and would love your own personal assistant, this thing is going to be your new best friend. It’s basically the cuter version of a FitBit, PLUS it alerts you to important emails, phone calls, texts, and social media notifications with programmable LED lights. 

I got the silver bracelet because I’m a silver girl, but I think the rose gold is absolutely GORGEOUS! You can also change out the straps to fit your style, and any 12mm band will work with the Dreamer style. They do offer the Q technology in men’s style bracelets and watches as well, but I love the look of the Dreamer.

I love holiday beauty gift sets because they let you kind of break out of that beauty rut you may be stuck in at the end of the year and give some new things a shot without having to buy a full size that you may end up hating. 

If you have someone on your list (ok, we know it might actually be you, but we won’t tell anyone) that loves skincare, this set is awesome. It comes with Origins top products in sample sizes so that your favorite skincare junkie can try out some awesome new products. I already LOVE the Clear Improvement charcoal mask that’s included in the set, and I’ve had my eye on the Original Skin Renewal Serum since it came out this year.

I actually saw this in a curated “Gifts for Him” guide on Pinterest and was like uh…screw  gifts for him, I want that! This would be an awesome gift for the beer enthusiast in your life. Or maybe for the guy in your life who doesn’t know how to decorate and happens to have a whole lot of bottle caps just lying around? 

They also have a US map which would be awesome for someone who loves beers from all over, but I’m a California girl and a California beer lover, too. Plus you can always start all over with new beer adventures once you fill up the state. 

| Nest Holiday Candle | $14 | 

Ok, ok, another Sephora item, but I actually picked this up because I needed to spend another $12 to use a coupon, and it occurred to me that it would be a great gift idea, too! This is the perfect little hostess gift to bring to all of your holiday parties. Still a really nice, quality gift that won’t break the bank and isn’t the standard bottle of wine. This is the PERFECT Christmas scent with pine, orange, and spices. It smells like everything that the holidays should smell like. Plus, it comes packaged as a little ornament!

They also have a full sized candle in the same scent and an awesome “Holiday Hostess” gift set that comes with a candle and a reed diffuser set for the true fragrance junkie.


| Eat Say Love Prints | Starting at $18 | 

I adore typography. Throw a fun quote on something, add a splash of color, and I am here for it. So when I came across the Eat Say Love shop on Etsy, I immediately wanted to buy every item listed!!! These prints would make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook or bake (or eat...). They can spruce up your kitchen and add a bright, playful touch to your home! (*You also have the option of different sizes and to order them in sets!)

Bookworms will love these! Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Lord of the Rings...The Melting Library has a collection of scents that will make any fan of the books (or tv shows/movies!) happy! These candles are something different from the typical Christmastime stuff, but still fit the theme of warm, rich, and spiced fragrances that are popular during this time of year. Just browsing through the different options makes me want to cozy up on the couch and get in some quality reading time!

| Spotify Premium Membership Gift Card | Starting at $10 | 

People often say gift cards are impersonal. You're probably already thinking, Aw come on! A gift card? Too easy! But if I were to give out only one kind of gift card this year, it'd be for one of my absolute favorite things ever...Spotify, a music streaming service!

I am a huge Spotify fan and definitely think my membership has been worth every penny. I love being able to pull up any song, any artist, any album, whenever I feel like it. I've even discovered some great indie artists just by browsing the different Mood playlists. Whether it's while I write, while I'm on the road, or even while I'm cooking, music is constantly playing wherever I go. So if you know a fellow music lover, Spotify is the ideal gift!

I don't get too fancy with my accessories, so when I do shop for jewelry, I like to pick pieces that are on the simpler, more delicate side. Wanderlust + Co. has some really adorable and quirky things to choose from, like arrow cuffs, constellation rings, and infinity bracelets. I ordered a couple of wanderlust bangles and arrow cuffs as presents this year, and I even loved their packaging! (I'm a sucker for cute boxes and labels.)

| Thug Kitchen: Party Grub | $26 | 

Well...we began this list with a cookbook, so we shall end this list with a cookbook. (Food, afterall, is what originally brought Chelsea and I together.) Thug Kitchen is awesome. Awesome, I tell you. It will feed your sense of humor as much as it feeds your appetite. A sample quote? Here you go: "When figuring out your party budget, know that food comes before decor. Always. Understand that shit? ALWAYS. No one gives a flying fuck about your multicolored streamers when they're starving. WE CAN'T FUCKING EAT GLITTER, JULIE."

L. O. L. See??? This cookbook just speaks to my soul. Holidays are about spreading cheer and joy with your loved ones! So get the social motherf*ckers in your life this cookbook (oh hey, perfect for New Year's Eve party planning once the Christmas hype is over...), and have a damn jolly holiday!