Jullie: Wishlist Wednesday, Travel Edition

If you were to go through my text conversations with Chelsea, I'm willing to bet that a majority of them are links to products that we found and are currently oohing-and-aahing over. We're both huge online shoppers. We're always finding great deals and sharing cute stuff with each other. It didn't really click for me, to turn that habit into a weekly blog post, until we went on a weekend vacay together! I finally decided that Wishlist Wednesdays need to happen! For our very first post, we're each sharing our top 5 items inspired by travel.

On the heels of a sunny SoCal trip, and with spring break fever still going strong, I'm dreaming of a tropical vacation right about now! I've decided to give my wishlist a bit of a beachy theme! :D

Sonix 'Liana Teal' Phone Case: It's colorful and shimmery...and, I mean...it's pineapples. This just screams summertime to me and would give my phone a fun, bright makeover! (Chelsea is also extremely aware of my obsession with pineapples by now. :P)

Kate Spade 'Lily Avenue' Card Holder: I love me some Kate Spade, and I actually have the gold Glitter Bug cardholder! On my recent trip to Florida, I brought it with me, and it was perfect for the afternoons we spent by the pool. There's plenty of room for cash, a credit card, ID for drinks ;), and even a room key. Easy to grab, easy to carry. If I were to get another card holder, I think the Lily Avenue's scallop edge is a perfect look for Spring, and I love this bright cherry color! (The 'Cape Drive' also comes in a soft aqua/mint splash color that's super pretty!)

Simms Tech Pouch: My dad loves to go hunting, and he's brought me to Cabela's with him a few times. (Have you ever been to one of their gigantic stores?? It's kinda amazing.) It was during one of those shopping runs that I spotted the Simms Tech Pouch. Made with fisherman in mind, it's a fully waterproof and submersible pouch for your iPhone! But...I think it would also work fantastic for swimmers/beach-and-poolside loungers too. Fact: Whenever I go to the beach or pool, I have the fear that my phone will get wet and ruined. I can't help having it out to take pictures or whatnot. *guilty shrug* So this pouch can help ease those fears! The special windows on the front and back actually allow you to use your phone/camera without removing it from the sealed pouch!

Vans ISO 1.5 in Digi Aloha Black: Chelsea text me a link to these shoes in the tropical print, but after a little browsing, I noticed the digi aloha black! I love love love the flowers and the colors! For those trips where you know you'll do a bit of walking around, whether you're shopping or touring, these shoes would be a great lightweight option. (Not gonna lie, I'm imagining walking around Hawaii in these...)

Pink Sea Salt & Papaya Mist: A couple of weeks ago, I went on a Victoria's Secret fragrance shopping spree. I just couldn't resist all of their new scents! Of all the ones I bought, though, this pink sea salt & papaya mist was my absolute favorite! I immediately wanted to buy more bottles to last me through the summer! :D It has a sweet, fruity aroma...my ideal scent! I highly recommend to all future vacationers!