Chelsea: Fish Face Poke Bar

I think we all know that I have a restaurant crush. It's on North Shore Poke Co down in Huntington. After the awesomeness that is North Shore, I was excited to get back home and try out some poke spots near me. Which inevitably led me to Fish Face Poke Bar in Sacramento. Believe it or not, there are actually a few poke spots in the Sacramento area, and they've all made it onto a list for me to try in my search for a spot near me to help me get over North Shore.

Tucked away on the quaintest block of R St, Fish Face is located on the ground floor of the R St artist's loft building along with a few other restaurants, a record store and a great clothing boutique. It actually reminded me of a Sacramento version of the Anaheim Packing House. With all of the different, locally sourced restaurants and the artist's lofts upstairs, it is definitely a unique spot.

The people working at Fish Face were super friendly and the ordering experience was actually super fun. The website says that their goal is to provide a simple meal with an enjoyable ordering experience, which they certainly did. I had a few questions about the different beverage choices and actually took a recommendation from the cashier to try one of their brand new offerings. Fish Face Poke Bar actually serves a variety of different dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options!


That's my buddy, Floyd, trying to decide what to order. I don't think he had any idea I was taking the photo but doesn't he look like he's reeeeaaaaaally thinking about what to order?

ended up ordering the Poke of the Day because there were a lot of options and I could decide exactly what I wanted. My order include ahi tuna, shrimp, pineapple, onion (which I ordered without), seaweed, cilantro, coconut cream (which I think they forgot), sea salt and crunchy garlic. Plus this rose lemonade, recommended by the cashier when I was ordering which, OMG, was SO good! I'm a lemonade person and I also really like rose flavored things so the combination sounded good to me. It does take a little getting used to but it's really nice, light and refreshing.

If I'm completely honest, this wasn't the best fish I've ever eaten. In fact, it was a little fishy and the amount of actual meat was significantly less than what I was expecting. Overall, if the fish had been fresher, I would have loved it but after my dinner, I don't know that I'll be heading back to Fish Face again. I will definitely be checking out some of the other restaurants in the building, though. 

R St itself is surprisingly really cool. I haven't ever really spent much time there during my time in Sacramento. But I will definitely remember it for future outings when I'm looking for a more relaxed spot to hang out. Plus, there's a ramen place that I want to check out soon. So stay tuned for some more R St reviews!