Chelsea: Wanderer Bracelets

I discovered Wanderer Bracelets in the same place that I discover most of the coolest things I know about: Instagram. They kept popping up on my feed as a sponsored post and finally, I gave in and clicked. And boy, did I love what I saw!

Yes, the bracelets are adorable, and I love the idea of handmade, custom coordinate jewelry, but the thing that I love most about Wanderer Bracelets is their story. The founders of Wanderer were visiting Bali when they met Made (Mah-day), a local artisan who invited them back to his village to check out what the real Bali was all about. Made, his family, and his neighbors were craftsmen who had worked their land for generations and made traditional, hand carved jewelry on the side, as a means to support their families.

Unfortunately, with the unpredictability of demand, many were forced to stop making jewelry and working their land and to travel far, far away to find reliable sources of income, leaving their families behind for weeks at a time. As a result, that traditional artform of hand carved jewelry--that those people had been practicing for generations--was drying up and suffering, too.

So, the crew at Wanderer decided that they were going to do something about it. They started the company in 2014 in the hope of keeping these families together and preserving that artform and it just took off. Everything that this company stands for is amazing. Their bracelets are handmade, in Bali, using sustainable materials, and most importantly, they’re made by those same craftsmen that the founders met way back when.

After reading all of that, I had to support this awesome company and amazing cause. I was going to order a coordinates bracelet, which is what drew me in originally, but I have too many places that I love to be to narrow it down to just one. I spent a solid day looking at everything before another sponsored post popped up on my Instagram feed showing the mermaid tail bracelet. As a lifelong mermaid (Ariel was the first pretty special, other redhead that I’d seen and my two year old baby brain assumed that all redheads were therefore mermaids), that had to be what I chose, and the limited edition color that I saw on Instagram was gorgeous. That was it. I ordered it, and one of their stickers and the rest is history!

To buy your own Wanderer bracelet, check out the shop here!


Stay tuned for a Part Two! Jullie Anne will share a little more info about her custom coordinates bracelet!