Jullie: Wanderer Bracelets | PT 2

Wander. Explore. Adventure. All keywords in my vocabulary. So when Chelsea told me about Wanderer Bracelets? Interest. Instantly. Piqued. The next step was to browse for a bit on their website…and I definitely got caught up in all the goodies available in their shop! (You know it’s meant to be when you immediately want to add everything to your cart!)

Chelsea explains the history of the bracelets and how Wanderer got its start in her post. It’s all great information to know--to appreciate where these little pieces of ‘jewelry’ come from--so make sure to check it out! Chelsea and I both admire their business model and their philosophy. Locally-sourced, all-natural materials. Carved and weaved by village artisans. All done with sustainability and providing job opportunities for a whole community in mind!

But the thing that ultimately pushed me towards finally buying a bracelet? Funny enough, it was their snapchat! Their media crew took a trip to Bali, Indonesia and gave followers a behind-the-scenes look at the village where the bracelets are made, as well as some local spots--like the market! (*heart eyes*) They made me think of all my travels to similar destinations…especially the Philippines and Hawaii…and suddenly, quotes I had read on the website were popping back into my head.

“…built for spontaneous adventure!”

“This is more than a bracelet. It’s part of your story.”

That’s when I decided I could definitely support a brand like this and that my first Wanderer purchase needed to be a custom coordinates bracelet! Right there in the description, it says: “There’s one dot on the map that holds more of your deepest memories than any other place... Where's your place? Keep it close to you with a bracelet engraved with your favorite coordinates.” Yes, please! :D I loved that the coordinates would be something special, something unique. And I could even pick colors for the band!

For my coordinates, I chose my favorite spot on my favorite island: Hanalei Bay in Kaua’i. Nicknamed “The Garden Island”, Kaua’i is best known for its lush greenery, so the emerald color I chose for my band was just a perfect pairing! I’ve actually written ELEVEN blog posts about Kaua’i. This is definitely a place that I hold close to my heart, where so many priceless memories have been made. Kayaking down the Hanalei river. Taking in the gorgeous view of taro fields and the mountains. Watching the sun set over the bay. There’s nothing quite like Kaua’i!

When my order arrived and I literally ripped open my package, I couldn’t have been happier with my bracelet! Its beauty is in its simplicity, and it carries so much meaning! There was yet another cool quote, included in a booklet that came with my package, that I absolutely loved: “This is where your world’s collide—between where you’ve been and where you’re going next.” Every time I look at this bracelet, I’ll think of all the memories I’ve made in Kaua’i. All of the time I’ve spent with family in Hawaii. The sights and the people that I’ve met, everything that I’ve been blessed to experience. But I’ll also think of all the places I still want to go. All of the experiences that are still on my list! There are a lot of other places that I want to see and things I want to do, so I can’t ever forget that passion for traveling and that drive to see the world! If you didn’t get our blog motto before, then it really applies now…and works perfectly with Wanderer ;)

Stay hungry. Stay adventurous.