Jullie & Chelsea: Taste Test Tuesday | Kombucha

Happy Taste Test Tuesday! Jullie here, with this week's edition all about kombucha! A long time ago, I gave this unique beverage a try…and to be perfectly honest…I didn’t like it. So I didn’t go near the stuff ever again. 2016, however, has been a year all about trying new and healthier things, and I figured…kombucha deserves a second chance.

So…the big question…why drink kombucha in the first place? Well, because of the fermentation process and the resulting "good bacteria"...There are actually multiple health benefits to consider. The probiotics can help with digestion, or “gut health.” And the enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants can also help with detoxifying the body and with boosting energy. Most brands even make sure to label their bottles as organic, vegan friendly, and gluten-free…
In the end, there’s actually plenty of reasons to drink kombucha. You just need to find the right brand/flavor for you. So here we are...taste testing! Chelsea has been great about telling me flavors she’s tried and liked (and sharing a couple that she didn’t and warned me to stay away from :P). We finally met up recently to try a few brands together! We went straight to our local Whole Foods, picked a few bottles, and sat outside for a little booch-fest! We decided to go with a theme both of us love: tropical. And whether you’re a “beginner” like me, or more on the “experienced” side like Chelsea, these are a few interesting kombucha flavors for you to think about.

#1. First up, we have a new-to-both-of-us brand: Revive Kombucha. Revive is a family-owned craft brewery, based in Sonoma County, California. They actually got their start at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market, but have since grown into "one of the bestselling kombuchas in Sonoma County." (Their story is actually an interesting read, so check out their website when you get the chance!)

Chelsea spotted the "Tropic Wonder," so of course this bottle got added to the cart. I was pretty excited about the earl grey and orange peel, and luckily, the flavor of this brew didn't disappoint! We both liked this one, and Chelsea describes it as a spicy creamsicle. There's a "cayenne refresher", so it's got a kick to it! But it's not a heat that lingers or overwhelms. It actually brings out the orange notes quite nicely. This turned out to be our favorite of the bunch! (They even have a hibiscus brew, called Free Ride, that I would love to try next time...)

#2. Búcha was another brand that neither of us had tried before, but it definitely lived up to our tropical expectations! It's made with organic black tea, mango, guava puree, and annatto. This had such a fruity flavor to it, that it almost reminded us of a light cocktail. Something you'd order while on a beach vacation, with a little umbrella in your drink. It's a great option for when you want something a bit on the sweeter side...really refreshing and summery!

#3. Next up is Kevita's pineapple coconut! This one is from their Sparkling Probiotic line. (They also have their "Master Brews" and "Cleansing Probiotic Tonics.") Chelsea and I were a little split on this one. She's tried their pineapple peach flavor before, but wasn't too fond of this coconut flavor. Oddly enough..the more I drank it...I kinda liked it. It wasn't as tart or crisp. It really was like coconut water with just a hint of pineapple. I think if you're already a fan of coconut water, you'd like this one!

#4. Last (and actually least...) is GT's Mystic Mango. This one just wasn't for us. While the mango flavor is definitely there, it was also the most tart and had the strongest vinegar after-taste out of all the brands we sampled. Like I mentioned before, I'm a "beginner" who's learning to like kombucha. If you're on that same level with me, Mystic Mango might not be the flavor you want to jump right into. It wasn't something we particularly enjoyed sipping on...but if that vinegary punch is something you like...hey, go for it!


So those are the results of our kombucha taste test! It was fun getting to try something new, figuring out what we do/don't like...And we still look forward to trying more! If you have your own brand suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below! We'd love to hear from you and what YOU think about kombucha. :)